//Reasons To Avoid Employing Freelance Painter

Reasons To Avoid Employing Freelance Painter

It is better to find reputable painters in Singapore that have a lot of experience in the industry by hiring the professional home painting services to get the work done in a stress and hassle-free manner. You will have to consider certain factors to find the best one in Singapore but avoid freelance painters as they bring a lot of disadvantages. In most cases, these reasons are described under your consideration:


Freelance painters usually don’t have a standard price for their painting services so they tend to be more expensive. Therefore, you are unable to ask for the quotation from these painters and you will have difficulty comparing them from other freelance painters as well. It is recommended that you choose the best painting service company that can offer free quotation when you want to manage your budget easily.

Compromised quality:

Freelance painters may provide unprofessional painting job as they have to ensure that they make as much money out of it as possible. Thus, you are unable to rely on the quality of their services. Most of them usually offer low-quality painting materials and don’t have safe painting materials. Because of this, you will have difficulty improving the overall look of your properties.

Lack of trust:

Most freelancers are unable to provide insurance to get the job done right. This means that you will have a hard time trusting them if they are unable to give you some proof of its support.

You may not know the painter personally if he is not provided by a reputable business. The quality supplies and equipment organised by you for painting your home or office and other items can be stolen by the freelancer. It will be very inconvenient for you as you may be forced to stay at home or at your office till they finish the task at hand.

Lack of credibility:

Freelance painters usually claim that they have certain skills to provide a wide variety of painting services without any proof of quality of service but face hardships when doing the job.

Lack of legal redress:

Most freelance painters don’t have their own project history to provide proof of claims. As the result, you are unable to check their previous works. That means that you will have a hard time confirming they are professional based on their experience and the knowledge.

You can be fooled:

Most freelancers use low-quality supplies and equipment to paint your home office in order to provide low-cost services to their clients. In some extreme circumstances, they will overcharge you for low-quality products with an ambiguous price. It will either give a horrible look to your house or may make a hole in your pocket.

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