//Knowing Number Of Painting Coats For Your Home

Knowing Number Of Painting Coats For Your Home

As with most painting questions, most of homeowners ask the number of painting coats needed to paint an interior or exterior of home. Homeowners tend to think that it costs more money to apply more coats of paint but it’s not about cost but more about performance.

Let’s look at several factors that can affect how many coats of paint are necessary for a great painting job.

Painting with the same color of paint

If the walls in a room are currently painted and you wanted to repaint same color again, one coat should be sufficient. However, if the “new” paint has been stored away for a very long time or has become weathered, it might not have the coating power of brand new paint.

A single coat of same-color paint should be fine assuming you’ve cleaned any dust and dirt from the walls beforehand – unless the paint currently on the walls is stained or fading. In this case, you’ll probably need a primer coat before putting on the new paint.

Painting dark over light

Estimating the number of coats you’ll need if you’re going from one color to another can be tricky. When painting a dark color over a light color, a single coat is all you need. But this isn’t always the case. Some paint shades don’t hide previous paint colors as well as other shades do, even when the previous colors are of a lighter tint. Two coats of paint are often necessary when using low-hide colors.

Also, custom-mixed colors and lower-grade paints won’t cover as well as factory-mixed paints, regardless of what shade you’re trying to hide.

Painting project can be fun, there is simply no substitute for putting the health and beauty of your home’s surfaces into the hands of professional painters in Singapore who care.

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