//How Often Should You Do House Painting

How Often Should You Do House Painting

The answer to how often should you do house painting depends on many factors, and many times, these factors are decor based. While the most popular reason for interior painting is to update the colors of a room, another good reason is for general upkeep to ensure your home always looks great.

Your home interior typically doesn’t need to be painted as often as the exterior. Painting your house is the least expensive thing you can do that transforms your space. But there are a lot of factors that come into play like painting mistakes which often leave you with paint problems.

Interior Walls

Some walls in your home need to be repainted more frequently than others due to daily wear and tear.


Painting your house interior also includes ceiling painting. Repainting a ceiling can be a great way to brighten up any room of your home. Keep in mind that ceiling paint tends to last about twice as long as wall paint.

Trim & Baseboards

When you paint your house interior, don’t forget about your interior trim! Your home’s baseboards, doors, window trim, cabinets and other decorative wood details take the most beating inside your home.

Whether you need wall, ceiling, or trim painting services in Singapore, you’ll be in good hands when you trust your interior painting project to professional painters. A qualified painting team will expertly refresh any room in your home!

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