//Cosy Painting Color Ideas For Your Home

Cosy Painting Color Ideas For Your Home

Sometimes all it takes to achieve a welcoming and inviting home décor is having the right shade of painting color. Paint can give you the most dramatic transformation for the lowest cost. It can make a room seem completely redecorated, even if the wall color is the only thing that changed.

Different colors affect our moods in different ways, find the perfect paint color scheme for your home in Singapore! Take note of the following tips when planning your painting color scheme.

Keep adjacent rooms in mind. Plan your color scheme in relation to how much the space of each room is visible from another room.

Pick the colors you like best. You can use as many accent colors as you like and select a dominant color from the core colors to start. Choose a color scheme, either monochromatic, related or complementary. If you’re unsure of the combination, seek help from the pros.

Decide where you’re going to use the colors in the room. The general rule when decorating is to use three different values: light, medium and dark. Walls and floors are usually done in light colors, depending on the effect you’re trying to create.

Remember that to the human eye most colors on paint chips look a shade darker when applied to real rooms. If you’re worried that a color is too dark or bold, consider one shade lighter.

Still don’t think you’ve found the right colors? Seek out color cues in items you already own — a favorite piece of art, furniture or read some books. Pull colors and color combinations from what you know and love. Nonetheless, hiring some professional painting services to help you out is one of the best option!

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