//Choosing The Right Painting Colors For Your Home

Choosing The Right Painting Colors For Your Home

Committing to a new painting color in Singapore is scary – it’s about tone, intensity and creating a balance between style and function. Paint is like the ultimate wardrobe for your home. It can set a mood, define a look, also influence the perception of space and hue. When you start with the colors you love, you are not bound by the traditional color schemes for a particular decorating style. Thus, painting color is subjective.

Take your color cues from these top tips from the pros.

Before selecting a color, ask yourself first what kind of look and feel you’d like your space to have. You have to understand the architecture of the space as well as its function. Color is a major player in creating atmosphere and transforming spaces.

A great way to bring in another shade to a room is with an accent color. Warm colors, such as members of the red, orange and yellow families will create spaces that are welcoming, comforting and energizing. Cool colors, from the blue, green and purple families, make spaces that feel open, breezy and relaxing.

If you’re unsure about color pairings, get proposal from painting services in Singapore that offer bright ideas on color combinations.

Once you’ve chosen your color, select your color’s intensity level next. Paint color can truly set the mood, so it’s important to first spend time in the room imagining how you want it to feel. Next, choose the color’s lightness level. Light colors open up rooms and dark colors will make your space feel more intimate and cozy.

Observe how the color changes throughout the day and night. It may be necessary to alter lightness or intensity level of the color to best fit your space. To test this, purchase a sample of the color and paint large swaths on a wall to see how the light affects it over the course of a day.

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