Attractive Home Painting Free From Peeling

August 6th, 2018|Tips|

A wall with peeling paint which are very hard to miss - spidery cracks, holes in the paint surface, even large strips or sections of painting that come off on their own - can be an unsightly mess in a home, causing a homeowner embarrassment and frustration which detracts the overall home appeal? Give it a

Knowing Number Of Painting Coats For Your Home

August 4th, 2018|Tips|

As with most painting questions, most of homeowners ask the number of painting coats needed to paint an interior or exterior of home. Homeowners tend to think that it costs more money to apply more coats of paint but it’s not about cost but more about performance. Let’s look at several factors that can affect

Cosy Painting Color Ideas For Your Home

August 2nd, 2018|Tips|

Sometimes all it takes to achieve a welcoming and inviting home décor is having the right shade of painting color. Paint can give you the most dramatic transformation for the lowest cost. It can make a room seem completely redecorated, even if the wall color is the only thing that changed. Different colors affect our moods

Choosing The Right Painting Colors For Your Home

June 11th, 2018|Tips|

Committing to a new painting color in Singapore is scary - it's about tone, intensity and creating a balance between style and function. Paint is like the ultimate wardrobe for your home. It can set a mood, define a look, also influence the perception of space and hue. When you start with the colors you

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